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Ernie Haase

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Ernie Haase


By: Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

From the album: A Tribute to the Cathedral Quartet

I went down to Mexico to have a little fun
To hang around, see the town, lay out in the sun
As I walked along one evening just outside of town
I passed a little chapel, and I heard a pretty sound
Curiosity carried me in to stay a while
And I heard things I hadn't heard since I was a child
They sang about God's saving grace right there in that little place
I found Jesus down in Mexico

I know that I never shall forget
All the pretty things I found in Mexico, and yet
The most beautiful and precious ever told
Was salvation that I found in Mexico

I may never see that little Spanish town again
But I'll always think of it as where my life begain
Every day I'm lifted up, just knowing that I'm saved
I don't have to worry about life beyond the grave
I'm depending on God's power to keep me safe through every hour
Eternity is beautiful to me
I have a better life, I know; I tell it everywhere I go
I found Jesus down in Mexico

[Chorus: x2]

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