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Invader: Taking a Break From Miley With Kyary

Keeping up with the musical mundanities of the Billboard world can get to be a bit of a drag -- especially when the newscycle gets hijacked for days by a former Disney kid rubbing her junk against the son of Alan Thicke's junk on the VMAs (no, not "That's So" Raven Symone, friends.)

At low points such as these I turn to the world of J-Pop for a brain-cleansing blast of sugary-sweet electropop so seemingly toxic that it acts as an antidote to all that ails me musically. An unorthodox palette cleanser. A pop enema. It helps that I understand virtually nothing being said. I stare at the screen, shift my mind into neutral and let the experience wash over me like so much cotton-candy flavoured acid-rainwater.

An example? How about the latest single from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Invader, Invader? Yeah. That'll do the trick... 


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Here's 28 Songs About School, To Help You Get Over Going Back...


Well, unfortunately we've reached that time of year that every young person detests. Back to school time is upon us, and we've decided to take the high road and give you 28 reasons why school isn’t that bad. You get to further yourself, catch up with friends, and of course reminisce about summer and how badly you can’t wait until next year. Although if all of these great songs were written about school, it can’t be all that bad, can it? Well maybe it can, but either way, enjoy these tunes and try to get excited about heading back to prison, err, school.



Motley Crue – Smokin’ In The Boys Room





Cute Is What We Aim For – Newport Living





The Aquabats – Pizza Day





ABBA – When I Kissed The Teacher





Chuck Berry – School Days





Pearl Jam – Education 





James Brown – Don’t Be A Dropout





Rush – Subdivisions





Peter Tosh – Can’t Blame The Youth





Nada Surf – Popular





Animal Collective – College





Billy Joel – Only The Good Die Young





Kanye West – School Spirit





The Police – Don’t Stand So Close To Me





Steeley Dan – My Old School





Vampire Weekend – Campus





The Kinks – Education





Head Automatica – Graduation Day





Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall





Saved By The Bell – Theme Song





Ramones – Rock ‘N’ Roll High School





Blink 182 – Going Away To College





Radiohead – Bishops Robes





Asher Roth – I Love College





Red Hot Chili Peppers – Catholic School Girls Rock





Vitamin C – Graduation





Nirvana – School





The Jackson 5 – ABC 



Thanks for taking the time to read; if you have anything you would like to add (or even argue) we would love to hear from you! Leave a comment or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter!

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Avicii – Wake Me Up Video Analysis

All right, so this video has been floating around for a while now and other than a dear friend and I, no one has really commented on the video or what it is all about. So today, I figured that we would take a few moments and go through the video step by step and show what the creators of this video are basically portraying.  Here at SongFreaks, we like to make sure that people understand the “true meaning” of not only the song through its lyrics, but also the video and the weird creative directions it may take.

But first, watch the whole video and see if anything seems… unusual. 



As you can see, the video starts out with an attractive girl in what seems to be a “hick town” in the 30s, where everyone except for her (and her younger sister) are unattractive and boring. The video even goes as far as to dress the two girls in “hip modern clothing,” while everyone else in their town looks more like they are trying to get through the great depression. In this scene everyone in the town seems to be obsessed with the girls and staring at them as they walk through the town. Creepy. 



“They don’t like us.” 

“Yeah I know.”


Hugging ensues. 


Next is where the video gets interesting. Just to recap: so far we have a town where everyone is unattractive and they don’t like the two stars of the video because they are, in fact, attractive and therefore not accepted in their town.

Now we move to the older sister jumping on her horse – that’s right, she jumps on a horse, not into a vehicle, thus furthering the 30s theory – and rides off into the sunset. After riding for a while the girl comes to a city, which appears to be a ghost town. 




Side note: Did anyone else notice the shameless promotion where “Ralph Lauren Denim Supply Co.” is written on the wall? Well it is, at 2:11, and for those of you who don’t know, Avicii is currently their poster boy.

Now cue another attractive girl walking by, where they both turn to look back at each other and revel in their beauty. Nope, it’s not over yet – another attractive person shows up and they all pile into an old pickup truck. Can anyone guess where they’re going?

Well if you guessed that they were headed to see Avicii performing his set at Ultra, then you guessed right! They pop up surrounded by exclusively attractive people at Miami’s premier EDM festival, Ultra – where Avicii originally released wake me up.



After the concert scene we cut back to the girl riding here horse back to her town.  She tells her younger sister (who she left overnight alone, and who looks to be about 12) to pack her things ‘cause they’ve found where they belong. 



What You Should Take Away From This Video:

1. If you think you are beautiful, you better listen to Avicii.

2. If you don’t listen to Avicii, you’re not beautiful.

3. If you’re attractive and go to a city, random strangers will pick you up and take you to an EDM event where you can magically skip the line and stay there all night.

4. The distance you can travel on a horse is vast and can actually result in time travel.

5. The director was clearly not concerned about the possibility of people analyzing this video.  



Thanks for taking the time to read; if you have anything you would like to add (or even argue) we would love to hear from you! Leave a comment or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter!

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Deadmau5: You Cheeky Bastard

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Over the course of the last month Joel Zimmerman has been pumping out new songs like he’s living as a real-life studio production line, and I guess in a lot of ways you could say that that’s exactly what he’s doing – locking himself in the studio for days at a time and coming out with some of the greatest tracks he has produced to date. After seeing a whole new side of the Mau5 at VELD this year, I’ve been keeping a closer eye on his productions and even joined his mailing list to receive updates about exactly what he’s up to – most importantly though, his live studio sessions. Zimmerman has begun using a live streaming service that allows his subscribers to watch as he creates the next big Deadmau5 songs, and to just watch how his creativity flows. 



As you can see, the mau5 has posts about streaming and having late nights in the studio pretty frequently. The streaming sessions are completely worth signing up for just to experience how technically advanced his productions are, and just how musically savvy Deadmau5 really is. He’s been hard at work pumping out new tracks, and here are some of the most notable in the last month or so: 


Stage Eight


All I have


The above tracks were literally posted within the last 12 hours. Deadmau5 is a man on a mission in the studio as of late and he’s showing no clear signs of slowing up anytime soon. With talk of a new album and a large production 2014 tour, if these songs are a glimpse into what we can look forward to, colour me excited.


All I had




Infra Super Turbo Pig Cart Racer


My Pet Coelacanth


Nowhere Fast 02


Anywhere Down There




Honourable Mention: 

DROP DA BOMB outerspace mix

I included this song not because I think the song is particularly talent oriented, but more so because Deadmau5 is constantly messing with people. He likes to keep us on our toes and throw in an occasional joke here and there.


Now for those of you keeping score at home, that's nine songs that Deadmau5 has posted in the last month, however these are merely highlights – in reality he’s posted 23 tracks if you include the different variations. This is beyond impressive; to be putting that much time into anything is a skill that we at SongFreaks can relate to and admire. But he’s not only committing time, he’s succeeding in the studio on a wide range of sounds, new ideas and pushing the envelope of electronic music. So Deadmau5, keep doing what you do best – we can't wait to see what you come up with next.    



Thanks for taking the time to read; if you have anything you would like to add (or even argue) we would love to hear from you! Leave a comment or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter!

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John Mayer - Paradise Valley, Here’s the Best Six Tracks On His Sixth Album

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John Mayer gets a lot of hate for a number of reasons, but truthfully I can respect what he does (despite how he carries himself in the public eye). He is, in-fact, a very talented musician and more importantly an undeniably talented vocalist. Mayer produces the types of albums that lead to a summer night where a girl has dragged her boyfriend to see John Mayer in concert, and despite all the negativity the guy has going into it, he leaves with a modest, but still existent, respect for John and his music. Since today is the release of Paradise Valley, we thought that we might save you some time and give you a list of the six best tracks on the album.


6. Who You Love

This one snuck into our list because of its story. This track is the track for any romantics out there; the kicker, though, is that it’s actually well done. When first hearing that Mayer’s real-life lover is Katy Perry, I was a little nervous. However, the mix of their voices work really well on this track and it will at least be a funny moment to look back on later, whether they are still together or not.



5. Wildfire

This song is well done. There is no disputing that, it feels like old school John and feels like a song that will be a new Mayer favourite.



4. Call Me The Breeze

This is a unique track, it has a borderline 50s rock vibe to it that is really interesting and super catchy. This is one of those songs that people from a wide range of generations can all enjoy.



3. Badge & Gun

Here is the song for all the girls out there. In typical Mayer fashion, he plays an incredibly mellow tune and flexes his swooning abilities with his newly repaired (two surgeries) vocal chords, and it’s very apparent that the surgeries went well.



2. You’re No One ‘Til Someone Lets You Down

This is a fun track. It’s got this fun upbeat country sound to it, which is a fresh new approach for John – and it seems to be working well.



1. Wildfire Ft. Frank Ocean

So technically this song is in the list twice, but the version with Frank Ocean is not only different, it’s better. Ocean’s unique voice fits seamlessly with Mayer’s sound on this album, an idea that was obviously no coincidence.



At the end of the day, the album is a good bet for any John Mayer fan. It’s an easy listen and surely maintain his appeal amongst the 15 to late 20-something girls that have been in love with him since day one.

Thanks for taking the time to read; if you have anything you would like to add (or even argue) we would love to hear from you! Leave a comment or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter!

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The Top 10 Les Paul Signature Model Guitarists

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On August 13, 2009 Les Paul passed away and a man who revolutionized modern guitars was lost. Paul was not only a key inventor of modern-day solid-body electric guitars, but he was also a brilliant country, jazz and blues guitarist.

Since it’s been 4 years and 6 days since we lost Les, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 signature model Les Paul guitarists.

But first – for those of you who don’t know the man already – here are a couple of great Les Paul videos, which show exactly why he was such a pioneering guitar player: 




The List:

10. Paul Landers


9. Jimmy Page


8. Billie Joe Armstrong


7. Peter Frampton


6. Jeff Beck




5. Sammy Hagar


4. Pete Townshend


3. Eric Clapton


2. Slash


1. Buckethead



Dishonourable  Mention: Chad Kroeger

Yeah, they actually gave him his own model… 

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12 “Huh?” worthy moments of the 2013 Teen Choice Awards

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Well here we are on another Monday, and due to the fact that the Teen Choice Awards were last night, we need to take a few minutes to look back on some of the more questionable outfit choices throughout the night. Here are what we consider to me the 12 most “huh?” worthy moments. 

12. Tropical Printed

Bella Thorne & Lily Collins 

We had to lump these two together for our first choice. Not sure if we missed the memo or it got lost in translation, but it seems that a certain stylist thought that mimicking a postcard from Hawaii was a good look.


11. Channeling Her Inner 80’s Hair Band

Demi Lovato 

Okay, this might have been a bit of a cheap shot but between the blazer, leather pants and hair style/colour, we had to. 


10. Auditioning for a Marilyn Manson Video

Hayley Williams

The look brought to you from starring in the next totally creepy video from Marilyn Manson that you will never understand.


9. Demin Dan 

Ed Sheeran

Sporting the classic Canadian Tuxedo, complete with an oversized watch, starter-sleeve tattoos and some Jordan high-tops. Sheeran decided to spiff up a bit for the big event. 


8. If Patterns Could Talk …

Kerry Washington

This tunic-like dress design comes to you straight from the mind of Tim Burton. 


7. Perfect Black Attire Meets Paint Fight

Nina Dobrev

There is just nothing like a good paint party, especially when you attend one right before heading to a red carpet event. 


6. One, Two, Three... Everyone Make the Same Face 

Jonas Brothers

Well, years of brotherly love have not only made this trio world famous, but have also resulted in them being able to make the exact same face on command. Well done. 


5. Photobombs Are Still Relevant 

Two thirds of the Jonas Brothers/Demi Lovato

Photographer: "Okay let’s try this for the fifth time. It will only be a photobomb if it doesn’t look forced." 


4. The Story of Five Very Confused Young Men

One Direction

"Let’s all dress so that if you added parts of all of our outfits, it might make one appropriate one." 


3. But Seriously, Huh?

Harry Styles

Someone really needs to talk to Harry’s stylist. I mean, the guy has "style" in his name, I guess they're trying to play an ironic angle?




2. It Really is Getting Hot in Here 


Okay, I finally get why he was always singing, “take off all my clothes”  -- because he literally is wearing leather shorts in the sweltering heat. 


1. A Jersey Shore Wedding


Last night was a bit of a tough call for MTV’s reality star -- she wanted to go to the Teen Choice awards but didn’t want to have to change before her wedding in Jersey. Luckily she found this...




Thanks for taking the time to read -- if you have anything you would like to add (or even argue) we would love to hear from you! Leave a comment or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter!

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VELD 2013: The Year of Deadmau5' Redemption

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Well, here we are the Tuesday after the long weekend in August and we've just made it through the second annual VELD music festival. This year it felt as if they upped the production values (although the ferris wheel hyped by Charles of INK during a press conference was sadly no where to be found.) This year the main stages dwindled from two to one, which to many VELD-goers was a sigh of relief (no more having to sprint from one main stage to the other) but a hassle for some due to the five to 10 minute delays while DJs were changing. That being said, a 15 minute wait proved to be highly worthwhile when Deadmau5 finally hit the stage, but more on that later.

So without further ado, here are the moments that stood out for SongFreaks over the weekend.


Highlights from Day 1:


Mat Zo

I really want to start off by saying Mat Zo should not have been playing at 2:30. The talent and creativity he expressed in his set was worthy of a later set time, and would have been much better received by the masses. He could have played at a time that was given to a dude that just throws cake in everyone’s faces and jumps on top of the booth rather than DJ… But I won’t mention any names.




Laidback Luke

I am quite certain that Luke will always have a special place in my heart, because it was one of his shows years ago that brought me into this scene and really sparked my love for electronic music. He always manages to stick to his roots and play some classic tracks while mixing and mashing songs with a degree of talent that is unmatched by most





Here is another DJ that likes to make things his own; he has a knack for taking his own tracks and giving them a fresh makeover by mashing them with newer, more well-received “festival tracks”. But for me, opening with his new song “atmosphere” got the crowd moving and ready for the sun to go down on Day 1.




Above & Beyond

Wow, where can I even begin here? This was hands down the set of the day on Day 1. A sea of 70,000 people all standing on a hill as Above and Beyond are welcomed to the stage. One of only real trance acts on this years lineup were ready to go from start to finish. A set that was not only magical due to the songs that were chosen but also in true A & B fashion, a text-stream video segment where the DJs spoke to the crowd with uplifting and heartfelt messages. If you missed VELD and/or haven’t seen Above and Beyond, drop what you’re doing and make a trip to their next tour stop. You can thank me after their set.





Highlights from Day 2:



This 19-year old kid from Nantes, France came to party and that is exactly what he did. Being the youngest DJ to preform and probably one of the youngest people in attendance this Mau5trap discovery started his set with a bang and it only went up from there. Having the unique tracks of his own creation, mixed with creativity and unexpected songs like a track from nu-disco Russ Chimes. Madeon was a crowd pleaser and easily one of the better performances on day 2.




John Digweed

The man, the myth, the legend. After taking the 15 minutes to dip and weave my way through the crowd from main stage to the Barcardi tent, I found myself strolling in approximately three minutes after Digweed had started, the tent was already electric. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, John Digweed has been around for a long time, he is 46 and showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. His set was nothing short of amazing.




Danny Tenaglia

Another legend in the techno community, Danny had the tent closing set on day 2. Performing a great set with an amazing remix of The Beatles. (Sorry for the video quality)




Steve Angello

Angello was probably the first big surprise for me during VELD. After seeing him a few times over the past few years I thought that I had experience all that Angello really had to offer me, boy was I wrong. Steve came out and performed a set that got everyone in the crowd moving. Playing huge bangers to some of his songs created with fellow Swedish House Mafia members Axwell and Ingrosso.





Up until this point you are probably wondering why I titled the blog “The Year of Deadmau5’ Redemption”. Well it is because Deadmau5 performed at the festival last year as well but not to a lot of love from the crowd. During last year’s festival, the mau5 closed day 1, to many VELD-goers dismay, it wasn’t the high-energy set that they were looking for. However this year was a completely different story. Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 was ready this year and he left it all out on the stage. From starting off with his new tracks like Suckfest9000 and tying in older songs throughout the set, Deadmau5 has made a lasting impression on everyone who was in attendance.  Joel combined a unique blend of his own new and classic songs, deep tech house, techno and progressive which resulted in the best set that I have been lucky enough to be a part of. A set that was not only amazing but changed the minds of many Deadmau5 skeptics and also rebirthed old fans’ dying love for Deadmau5. To wrap up the night in typical Deadmau5 fashion, festival ending times were not a concern for this Toronto legend as he played well past 11:30 to a crowd that was still screaming “one more song!” 









But the Mau5 still wasn't done, he was ready to head on to Koolhaus or I guess they should have been calling it Koolhau5 this past Sunday because Deadmau5 kept the party going well into the night at the official after party. 

Thanks for taking the time to read; if you have anything you would like to add (or even argue) we would love to hear from you! Leave a comment or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter!

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Countdown to VELD: Interview with OVERWERK "I'm having 3 tracks mastered specifically for this weekend"


Today is Friday, which means that we're only one day away from the two-day extravaganza known as VELD. Since tomorrow is the big day, this is the last of the build-up blog series, but we've saved a real treat for last: Edmond Huszar, better known by his stage name OVERWERK! I caught up with my friend, who was nice enough to take the time to talk to us here at SongFreaks, this week. But just in case you're unfamiliar with OVERWERK, let’s take a few minutes and get to know the man, the music and why you should be excited to see him.




Edmond Huszar is OVERWERK: the 23-year old producer and songwriter from London, Canada who introduced himself to the world of electro with the release of his debut EP "The Nth Degree." Now, one year later, he follows up with his highly anticipated sophomore EP, "After Hours."

The name OVERWERK stems from Huszar's early passion for graphic design. Originally the title of a work-in-progress design portfolio called "over worked", Huszar adapted the name while paying homage to electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk. OVERWERK now represents the purest expression of Huszar's own creative genius.

His sound is undeniably unique in itself as it blends the hard-hitting complexities of electro with the sweeping melodies of house music. What stands out the most, however, is the distinct quality and technicality of his music, which firmly sets him apart from the electro community.

"After Hours" is a testimony to the tireless effort and love for music that defines Huszar as an artist. With the utmost devotion to music lovers, he promises to leave fans and first-time listeners with an unparalleled experience. To coincide with this special release, OVERWERK will be bringing his epic sound to clubs and festivals across North America and Europe.




What's the most exciting aspect of getting to be a part of an event like VELD?

I have a lot of Canadian fans, especially Southern Ontario. I don't play shows that often so I'm looking forward to sharing a great time with a new audience and having the chance to perform for those who haven't heard me live.


Have you put any thought into what your set is going to sound like?

I'm going to try and incorporate some new tracks I've been working on and give people an experience they aren't used to from festivals. A lot of DJs play the same top 100 tracks and recycle the same ideas and sets. My plan is to bring something fresh and exciting, introduce people to some styles of music they aren't typically used to.


What is the one track that you consider to be a must-play?

Well, I know I must play a lot of my own tracks because sometimes I miss a couple of my original tracks during my set and I hear about it afterwards on Twitter..


While you’re not spinning, are there any acts that you really want to catch?

I don't really have a huge desire to catch a lot of EDM acts, I prefer more danceable /disco stuff where I can go dance with my girlfriend. The last show I was able to catch was The Magician, which was an awesome night. Some other acts I'd like to see live are: Woodkid, Muse (I had tickets but had to miss it to play a show in Paris), Chrome Sparks and Flume.


What is your favourite venue you have played to date?

All the venues I've played have been awesome but I especially enjoy playing in my hometown of London, Ontario. The crowd is always awesome and I love jamming out with everyone I know.


If you weren’t producing and DJing, where would you be?

If I wasn't involved in music at all, I would probably have started an advertising agency. I've always loved graphic design, film, 3D and photography. I pursue those things as a hobby, but they would most likely be my career if I wasn't doing music. 




Currently working on any new tracks that you will be debuting at the festival?

Yes, I'm having 3 tracks mastered specifically for this weekend, just to test them out and see how they do. I'm sure my fans are looking forward to some new material.


What is the one song you would never play?

I can't narrow it down to one, but anything by Ke$ha.


Have you ever felt the pressure of this new “big-drop” style edm that is so popular right now?

Yeah, I actually like big drops a lot, but I also like consistently danceable tracks. I don't feel confined by any trends that may be occurring in the EDM community because I don't even listen to EDM or pay attention to it that much. I really like electro, I like house, but I also like a wide variety of other sounds. I feel more pressure from my own expectations of myself rather than what others are doing or like. 



Being a London, Ontario native and blowing up as much as you have must be strange, have you noticed a change in those people around you?

I haven't noticed a difference at all. OVERWERK doesn't intersect with my personal life and the people around me that I care about know that. The people in my life probably don't even know about the success I'm having as OVERWERK.


This isn't the first time you have played at a festival for INK, though. Labour of Love last year and now this, what’s next? 

I have a great relationship with INK and I'm sure this will only continue. I have many shows planned around Canada for the fall, and will be touring a little more actively than I have.


Be sure to catch OVERWERK in the Barcardi Tent on Day one from 1:00 pm – 2:30pm! He will be sure to bring a unique sound to the tent day one, and involve a lot of his own tracks because -- as we found out earlier -- he hears about it later on Twitter!  Thanks for taking the time to read; if you have anything you would like to add (or even argue) we would love to hear from you! Leave a comment or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter!

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Countdown to VELD: Interview With Carlo Lio "I Like Music With Soul"


Only three more days left in the long wait for VELD! Up today we have Carlo Lio, and for those of you who don’t know, he’s another Toronto legend who’s had some major success both locally and internationally. 




Carlo is a DJ and producer who’s hard work both on the decks and in the studio have led him to where he is today. After partnering with Nathan Barato and creating Rawthentic Music, Carlo has maintained his Toronto roots and been pumping out numerous techno tracks as well as pleasing the underground techno scene throughout the world. Having the unique ability to leave the crowd wanting more, Carlo has been a crowd favourite the world over.

His ability to maintain a collection of soulful techno beats keeps the floor spellbound to his sound from start to finish. Touring with legends like Carl Cox, Dubfire and Marco Carola to name a few, Carlo Lio is a force to be reckoned with in the techno scene. 





What is the most exciting aspect of getting to be a part of an event like VELD?

Well just to be a part of something so big that the city has lacked in over the years is amazing in itself. Glad we are embracing the "FESTIVAL!"


Currently working on any new tracks that you will be debuting at the festival?

Tons. I have a handful of new ones I will be playing.


What is the one track that you are considering to be a must-play?

Probably a new one of mine that’s been doing amazing on the floor over the past few months, it’s called “My Thang" which will be released in a couple months.


What was your first thought when you were asked to be a part of VELD?

Well after hearing what a huge success it was last year and seeing some mind blowing pictures... I was clearly happy.


While you’re not spinning, are there any acts that you really want to catch?

Yes, everyone on my stage. Not only are they good friends, but also all have been an inspiration to me at some point in my life.


Have you put any thought into what your set is going to sound like?

I never like to plan, it’s just much more fun this way. One of the arts of DJing is to read a crowd. But be prepared for a lot of groove and bass.



What is your favourite venue you have played to date?

So many to choose… But my two favourites are Space Ibiza and Row14 in Barcelona.


What is the one song you would never play?

Anything that sounds like beatport's top10 or classified as EDM.


VELD is on its second time around, the lineup seems big, but did you feel like there was a genre that was left behind?

Well, I felt that last year. But they made up for it this year by having a more underground sound tent.


Have you ever felt the pressure of this new “big-drop” style edm that is so popular right now? 

Pressure? It makes me feel nothing. I like music with Soul.


You have been a big part of the Toronto DJ scene for a long time; do you enjoy home field advantage?

Of course. After spending the last four years constantly travelling it’s always a big pleasure to play in my own city. Toronto has made me who I am.




Packing local late nightspots like Footwork, how is your daytime set going to be the same/different?

Well considering it is a festival I’m sure the people will still want that hands in the air vibe. So I don’t see it being too different. Besides that, it will have to be crammed into a shorter time period.


What is your favourite aspect of Toronto’s underground music scene?

Definitely the people. One thing Toronto has are loyal fans, who really love the music!


Finally in a few words tell me about your excitement to perform at VELD.

Really cannot wait to rock out with everyone this weekend. It’s been a minute since I played in Toronto, so needless to say, its time to release some musical tension! See you soon.



Ladies and gentlemen, Carlo Lio is not only excited to be playing VELD, but to be back in his hometown. Carlo is a sure crowd pleaser (for those attending the festival looking for something a little more underground and different from the main stage) and bringing that more deep-techno style to keep you moving. You can catch Lio at the Barcardi Tent on Sunday at 4:00 pm. Thanks for taking the time to read this interview – if you have anything you’d like to add (or even argue) we’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!


Stay Tuned! On Friday we’ll have the third and final VELD build-up blog, featuring OVERWERK, a London, Ontario native making it big on the international stage.  

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Countdown to VELD: Interview With Toronto Techno Legend Greg Gow

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All right people, it’s official: VELD is a mere five days away! If you’re a resident of Toronto (or even the surrounding area) and are an EDM fan, you have in one way or another heard of VELD. If you’re going, you’re probably experiencing difficulty sleeping by this point, due to your extreme levels of excitement. Here at SongFreaks we love to support local events because we are so proud of not only being Canadian, but of being based in such an incredible city! 
In today’s blog leading up to VELD we’re talking to Greg Gow. A local legend here in Toronto, Gow is no stranger to the EDM and DJing scene. He’s made it big not only locally, but globally, playing huge events like Miami’s Winter Music Conference and the more genre relevant Movement Detroit. I was lucky enough to have him swing by the SongFreaks Monkey Ranch last week to tell us a bit about his excitement leading up to the show. 
But before we get into what he had to say, lets check him out a little bit.





Toronto-based Greg Gow is one of Canada’s leading techno electronic dance music artists. His international stature is well established and growing rapidly – as a DJ, producer, promoter and label manager. 

Currently Greg holds down DJ residencies at some of Toronto’s leading electronic dance music destinations, including Footwork, and Guvernment. As well, he’s an ambassador for Canadian electronic music around the world, with recent DJ performances in Japan, Germany, Italy, Holland, Mexico and South America. In the USA Greg has also made appearances in Miami, Detroit, New York, Chicago and San Diego.

In the studio Greg combines analogue and digital equipment to compose banging yet soulful Detroit style techno. Many of his prominent releases have been on Restructured, a highly respected international record label, which Greg founded and continues to build. Restructured highlights a wide variety of premier artists from around the globe.

In late 2009 Greg had his first of two releases, The Pilgrimage, an EP re-launch, for Transmat, the world-famous label of Detroit's Derrick May, one of the Godfathers of techno.  The second Transmat release in 2011 features Twilight Soul. Both have been highly acclaimed. 

Increasingly, Greg’s creative focus has been on crafting remixes and original compositions for a number of innovative small and medium sized international labels includingBulletdodge (UK), Jeton (Turkey), Abstract Theory (Italy), and Movement Sound Recordings (Italy).

In 2013, EPs and remixes are forthcoming on Kevin Saunderson’s Legendary KMS; as well, as one of Netherlands longest running Techno labels 100 % Pure.


This is the new EP for Greg which comes out today on KMS!




What is the most exciting aspect of getting to be a part of an event like VELD?

It’s an honour to be a part of it, I’ve worked with the INK guys for a long time. It’s nice to see Toronto taking festivals and music to this level you know, its only the 2nd year that VELD is running so I’m just excited to be a part of it.


Have you put any thought into what your set is going to sound like?

Straight country music [a loud uproar of laughter from both Greg and I.]

You know I’m opening the tent, so I’m not going to come out guns blazing. Definitely thinking about it, pretty common to what I’m known for, groovy but more slowed down since it’s early in the day. A bit more held back set than if I was playing at like 4 am you know.


That’s my follow up question you’re used to playing places like footwork, comfort zone …

Yeah I am known as the closing guy, known to sort of bang it to the next level.

I have been doing this for a long time and you have to know your place, and when you’re opening up you need to have an appropriate set. It will have elements of what I’m known for but definitely a little more held back.


What is the one track that you are considering to be a must-play?

What I try to do is… It’s very different opening than closing. When you’re closing you have about 3 tracks and if you lose the crowd or make a wrong turn, you’re going to lose a lot of people really fast. Opening is completely opposite in the sense that if you push too hard too fast, instead of building a crowd, you will make them disperse. What I do is I try to get a good groove going initially, I have about 3 channels I could go down. It depends on the feel that early in the tent you know is it dark and dirty or more mellow cause the suns out.


You said that you were opening so that will start at 11?

I don’t know, I talked to them briefly about it. They are going to gauge things on how quickly things fill up. Might be 11 might be 12, its hard to say.


Do you plan on doing any after parties?

Well the funny thing is that I am playing the after party on Saturday at Footwork, but I am playing VELD the next day, so that’s kind of cool.


How did you get your start as a DJ

This is a funny story actually. I used to go to guvernment before… I’m a bit older. I been around and I used to go there when it was RPM, when Chris Sheppard was playing, this was back when I was a teenager. I really wanted to play hockey, but you get to a certain age and realize you’re not good enough. So I started listening to Chris’ show on the radio, started going to the club, and started making cassettes of what he was playing and then listened to them but the tapes were annoying to listen to so then I got turntables. At first I wasn’t even buying house or anything I was buying hip-hop, it was a progression thing building as the rave scene started to pick up in Toronto. The real change for me though was when I met these guys at industry and said this is cool but you need to come to Detroit, this was back in the late 90’s when the rave scene was really exploding down there.

My first break in Toronto though was back in 97’ when there were raves happeining but the popularity of them was declining. Anyway I was playing for a company called Phryl and they brought in a lot more of the big banging European guys like Adam Beyer.


Oh right so guys who are still big and even making a come back now?

Well not even really a comeback, I don’t think they ever really left. Toronto’s sound changes and it’s never really been a Techno city. There have been people throwing Techno events but Toronto is, for lack of a better term, a dirty-house city, you know?

We started to throw a lot of Techno parties from around 2000 – 2004, and we brought in everybody from Richie (Hawtin) to Marco (Carola), you name it.  Then it was right around when that ended, I started to play for INK.



It’s funny that you mention Richie Hawtin, we don’t get a lot of him in Toronto, why is that do you think?

Well here’s my thing, at one point guvernment was doing stuff like that. You know Dubfire was playing there quite a bit, and umm Steve Lawler. The sound now is a little bit more commercial, which is okay, but I think that the residents night really holds it’s own now. You know like Joe and Fab (of Manzone and Strong, another Toronto dynamo, also on the VELD lineup) and I am part of that now and we are trying to do a really good job of it.

But you know, it would be nice to see guys like Richie and Carl Cox come back through the guv again. But at the same point everything has its place and time and they’ve done that.

You know what I would really like to see though, Carl Cox at Uniun. (Another INK owned club known for it’s Factory Fridays featuring a new world renowned DJ weekly)  He (Carl Cox) has played a few times in Toronto recently, and once was even at the government but he only got like an hour and a half set. When Carl comes you want to just let him GO.


While you are preparing for the big day, do you have any rituals?

I take all the socks that I have in my house and then I put them in the barbeque [intense laughter from both of us.]

No I do have, what I try and do is, it depends what kind of thing it is. If it’s a big event and I’m closing or even opening for that matter, I try and source music a couple of weeks before. I put it on my iPod and put it in a folder. The past week I closed Cherry beach, I knew it was coming for about a week and a half or so. I put all the songs that I thought would be appropriate in a list and some of them I had just got ahold of, some of the aren’t even out yet, some of them are like 10 years old. Then I just listen to them throughout the week whether I am walking to McDonald’s or whatever, going to the gym. Then from that I have them organized by maybe two or three I might start with and again with the option. I am big on taking in what the crowd is going to do, I think that the problem these days, so many guys go out there and I mean it’s good to play for yourself but you also have to play for the crowd.


What was your first thought when you were asked to be a part of VELD?

Cyrus (a main talent booking agent for INK) actually brought it to my attention, it was a while back I can’t really remember, they said that they might be adding a techno room, or a more underground room, are you open? And I said damn, if you guys are going to have it, I’m in. I am really happy they went through with the tent and it’s special that they are going to have Danny (Tenaglia, who is headling the Tent on Sunday) because this is the right way to hear Danny; you know like in that atmosphere. The only thing is I think they only have him playing for a couple of hours.


While you’re not spinning, are there any acts that you really want to catch?

I’m actually very interested in hearing Victor Calderone, umm, I haven’t heard him in about a year so I think he would be my other choice. Don’t get me wrong even though I’m not as intrigued by the bigger names on the bill, I’m definitely going to go on Saturday and check it out because even though those really aren’t my sounds there is always something interesting to pull from it. And you know what Digweed too cause’ he is constantly reinventing himself and Bedrock is an amazing label.




What is your favourite venue you have played to date?

Hands down, it was in Tokyo at club Air. Uh it was about a year and half ago and it was my first time there. It was just crazy to see the amount of energy there. And also I played in Brazil at this crazy rave in Sao Paulo, and it was the energy level, the people there were awesome, they just had so much energy and they were just like up for it you know?


Who is the most inspirational/influential DJ for you?

Well it’s a couple people, and it’s actually a couple no one would have ever heard of either. The guys that brought me down to Detroit, they were two brothers from Toronto named Fred and Derrick Ortencio.  Their the guys that were running this company called Detour, and they were going to school at Michigan State, and were the ones that I met at Industry and were into Detroit Techno and they were like you have to come to these parties.

As for a DJ, Laurent Garnier, who a lot of kids around here have never heard of is a huge influence for me, he is from France and it is a shame he doesn’t come around here more but it is what it is. And then Derrick May, hands down.” It has been a real honour working with him.


Now how do you feel about the whole DJ poll for DJ magazine?

Well you know it’s what you want to be about. Do you want to be about bottle service? Do you want to be about lights and shit? Or do you want to be about music? 


Your track  “Reset” has been getting a lot of love, what does that feel like?

I’m happy, you know I did it with a guy from Scotland named Gareth, I met him, he asked me to do a remix like two years ago. We started doing stuff back and forth and we ended up doing that track in like a week. That’s the crazy thing about it, we have a good chemistry together.

Also I have a two track ep coming out that was remixed by Silent Servant on a Euorpean record company called EPM.


Currently working on any new tracks that you will be debuting at the festival?

I will definitely be playing some of the KMS tracks because well at least one of them is a little bit more chill. There are whole bunch of remixes I have done lately, and there is one in particular that I’ve done for this Brazilian guy named Vanni and the tracks name is Deeper. The cool thing about it is that it’s a really cool fusion between techno and house and it also has a vocal in it. Which is not really known in a techno-style song. It’s just a girl talking but it just works well with the track.


What is the one song you would never play?

[Laughs] I wouldn’t go as far as saying I would never play a track, you would be surprised some guys that make stuff that is really commercial and then they turn around and release something that is totally underground and dirty. It’s the sounds, I like linear, sort of dark gritty sounds and if it falls outside of that, I’m not likely to play it. I got in a bad habit about 3 years ago when I was playing Zone (Comfort Zone) way too much, and playing these songs that I would never play.


You’re no stranger to partying during the day, at popular day events like the Cherry Beach day-raves, how do you keep things going during the day opposed to the night?

For the most part, I’m not really a day guy. I don’t play boat cruises really; you know it just doesn’t really work for what I do. The only time I work during the day is in the festival setting. Which is what is great about things like Digital Dreams and VELD, but up until what, 2 years ago those things didn’t exist. Now we did have big raves back before that but those weren’t during the day.



VELD is on its second time around, the lineup seems big, but did you feel like there was a genre that was left behind?

I think that by adding the tent, they have done a really good job. I mean, what else could you add to it? I don’t know. It is probably a better question to ask me after the festival. I think that it is definitely a lot better covered this year. In all fairness though, when you’re trying to plan an event like this it’s tough because you don’t know what to expect.



So there you have it, one of Toronto’s great DJs absolutely ecstatic about the upcoming event. Greg Gow is not only an extremely talented DJ and producer but one of the most down to earth, nice guys I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Make sure you take the time out of your busy schedule during VELD to check this act out; he is a sure crowd pleaser and bringing that more deep-techno style to get your day going.


Like to find out more about Greg Gow?


Stay Tuned! We have more great things leading up to VELD coming up later in the week! 

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